Your employees are your greatest asset.
Investing in them provides the greatest return.

We help you simplify the process and amplify the results.

Remote Work is Here to Stay

In an environment where live human connection is reduced, investing in professional development helps keep your employees engaged, motivated, creative, and aligned with your business goals.

Cultivating human capital is the competitive edge that will define tomorrow's leading companies.

Let Sculpt Development provide an easy, cost-effective way to help you uncover your team's hidden talents and unlock their potential.

Exceptional Companies Respond

"Organizations should consider how to encourage and offer opportunities for workers to continue to grow and adapt based on their potential, rather than solely on their existing skills or certifications. Now is not the time to pull back on workforce development efforts, but instead to double down on commitments to building a resilient workforce that can adapt in the face of constant change."

Source: Deloitte, Returning to Work in the Future of Work, May 2020.

Sculpt Development Services

Uncover your company's competitive advantage.

Sculpt is a turnkey, subscription-based, soft skills professional development solution that allows forward-thinking small to mid-sized businesses to outsource their learning and development needs with one low-cost, annual subscription.

Every quarter one of our world-class, subject-matter experts will deliver a one-hour live, virtual workshop to motivate, educate, engage, and inspire your employees across a broad range of business topics.

If your team needs a deeper dive on a specific topic, we can arrange that too. Sourcing and vetting soft skills training services are included in your subscription.


Our trainers are the best in the business: thought leaders who are experts in transferring real-world skills that can be implemented immediately.


Sculpt delivers world-class education previously out-of-reach for small and mid-sized businesses, which also avoids costly internal resources spent sourcing, vetting, and booking trainers.


Our trainers know how to connect with employees in engaging, inspiring ways. Expect mind-expanding, performance-enhancing ideas delivered in creative, cutting-edge ways.

What Does Sculpt Solve?

You want to cultivate and motivate your talent, but prefer to skip the headache of the time and energy required to manage all of it. Sculpt Development provides an easy, efficient solution by:

  • Reliably and consistently sourcing proven, professional subject-matter experts at a significantly lower investment than hiring independently, providing an exponential return.
  • Providing timely, relevant and engaging presentations across a broad range of topics critical to your business success.
  • Making the most efficient use of your resources (time, money, people) to give you a competitive advantage.
  • Eliminating the burden of requiring internal staff to spend extra time doing the unfamiliar work of sourcing, vetting and hiring solutions to develop your team and solve your business challenges.
  • Easily and cost-effectively maximizing the investment in your people with convenient subscription options.
Employee Development Remote Learning

Sculpt Development helps your employees to:

  • Be more invested in your organization.
  • Get motivated to improve their contribution.
  • Increase their satisfaction with their own personal and career development.
  • Develop a growth mindset.
  • Pursue excellence.
  • Collaborate in more innovative and productive ways.
  • Spark their creativity.
  • Solve organizational problems.
  • Become internal mentors.

Program Theme: Back to Basics

There is so much talk of “unprecedented changes” brought on by the events of 2020. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Business is money and people, and that is as true now as it’s ever been. Success in the coming year and beyond will come less from new skills, and more from adapting foundational skill sets to our new environment. Chip away at the noise and help your team shore up a set of core skills for personal and organizational success: relationships, productivity teamwork, and communication.

These quarterly workshops will provide your employees with a blueprint to capitalize on the new business environment by getting back to basics.

Four Quarterly Sessions on:

Relationships, Productivity, Teamwork, and Communication


100% World-Class Expertise,
0% Hassle

Our goal is to make employee professional development accessible, cost-effective, and impactful. At the highest level, we want to help you discover the hidden talent you already have. Subscribe to a year of professional development and see just how quickly your employees can surprise you with new habits, skills, and ideas.

Subscription includes:

  • Access to best-in-the-business, fully vetted professional speakers and trainers.
  • Quarterly one-hour live, virtual presentations.
  • Turnkey scheduling and delivery.
  • Interactive sessions including Q&A with your employees.
  • Minimal investment, maximum return.
  • Sourcing and vetting additional resources when a deeper dive is needed.
  • Additional benefits coming soon.
Professional Development Subscription

4 Quarterly Workshops

By subscribing today, you can check "professional development" off your to-do list now for an entire year.

Annual Subscription Cost: $2,500/quarter (up to 35 participants. Have more? Let's talk.)

This full annual investment is less than the typical fee for just 1 of our world-class experts.



Marc Tucci

"Weeks later, we see the results, and believe this might truly help those who felt stuck in their jobs 'move across the bridge' from potential to performance."

- Marc Tucci, CEO Austin Sports and Social Club, speaking of Thom Singer

"The techniques you’ve given us are extremely practical and easy to implement. You are so dialed in to what each of us experiences on a daily basis." 

-Amy Solliday, Vice President, Old Navy, speaking of Maura Thomas

Patti DiNucci

"Extremely impressed, not only with his thought leadership, but also with his presentation style and sincerity.  I attend many conferences and if I saw Mike on the agenda, I'd make sure I was there to hear what he has to say."

- Patti DeNucci, Speaker & Consultant, speaking of Mike Carr

"Done-for-you" Professional Development

Getting started with Sculpt is easier than doing the heavy lifting yourself. Simply decide if you want to educate, inspire and delight your employees every quarter for the coming 12 months. We'll take care of the rest.



Can I select the topics?

While the agenda of topics is currently fixed, you can rest assured that they are timely, relevant, and address common issues facing organizations like yours. If you have a request, we'd love to hear it. And if you need a deeper dive on a specific topic, your Sculpt membership includes access to referral services at no additional cost to address your specific needs.

Who are these sessions for?

Anyone on your team can benefit from the learning provided by Sculpt Development, and we recommend opening it to any of your employees who want to attend. (Space limitations apply.)

Do we need special technology?

Fortunately, no. We hold all sessions on Zoom so employees can simply join from their personal computers via the Zoom app or via a browser window if you have security limitations that prevent installation of the Zoom app.

What is your cancellation policy?

Sculpt Development is confident your organization will gain so much from the subscription that we expect most subscribers to renew as well as enjoy additional valuable features we plan to add in the future. Therefore we have a no-cancellation policy. However, we aim to delight our clients so feel free to reach out via our CONTACT form at any time to discuss your subscription.

Have More Questions?

We are happy to discuss your organizational development needs. Just fill in your details and a member of our team will be in touch within two business days.

Write: info(at)sculptdevelopment(dot)com

Call: 512-814-5836